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Why Add Kabuli Chickpeas To Your Diet Plan?

Posted by Admin on February, 10, 2024

Kabuli Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are small, knobby, beige legumes that are well-recognized as a key ingredient in hummus, falafel and many curries.

Kabuli Chickpeas are a potent package of protein, vitamins and dietary minerals. They help keep glucose levels stable and boost protection against disease, as well as increasing digestion and satiety. The chickpea is the second most widely eaten bean in the world after soybeans supplied by the Kabuli Chickpeas Exporters in India.

Common types of chickpeas
Desi chickpeas have small dark seeds and a rough coat. Bombay chickpeas are larger. Both the Desi and Bombay types come from India. Kabuli chickpeas come from Europe or Africa and have smooth coats. All three types, however, deliver the same health benefits and can be used interchangeably.

Difference between organic and non-Kabuli Chickpeas
The garbanzo beans, the non-organic bean came with a few extra ingredients in the form of calcium chloride (firming agent) and disodium EDTA added to promote colour retention.

EDTA is added to foods and cosmetic products to prevent air from spoiling them by introducing unwanted oxygen into the products’ molecular structures. You cannot find that there is anything harmful about these chemicals.
Whereas the Kabuli Chickpeas are free from any kind of preservatives and chemicals nothing is added to make it more beautiful or presentable. Therefore, it has pure health benefits as compared to the non-organic products.

Health benefits of eating chickpeas
• Chickpeas help control blood glucose levels... carbohydrates make up over 27% of chickpeas. These are complex carbs, ie they consist mainly of starch and are digested slowly so that when you eat them you avoid sudden spikes in your blood glucose levels.

• The high fibre content aids the digestive process. Fibre works by moving foods through the digestive tract and helping your stool to form so that waste and toxins are removed from your body and the likelihood you will become constipated is reduced.

• High protein content delivers an essential macro-nutrient... that plays an essential function in your body's vital organs, muscles, tissues and hormone levels.

• Chickpeas help you lose weight - Because they are very low in calories and fat they can be of immense help in losing weight.

• Chickpeas are more filling if you eat them with vegetables or other whole foods... perfect for trying to lose weight.
• Chickpeas reduce the risk of heart disease... studies show that chickpeas help balance cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension (excessive blood pressure) and keep the arteries free of plaque.

• Chickpeas block colon cancer... studies show that the high fibre content in chickpeas can help protect against cancer of the colon by preventing cancerous cells from forming.

How to buy and prepare Kabuli Chickpeas supplied by the Kabuli Chickpeas exporters in India
You can buy Kabuli Chickpeas in dried, pre-cooked and canned, or pre-cooked and frozen forms. Good advice is to buy organic beans that are also GMO-free because levels of phytic acid are much higher in foods grown using modern high-phosphate fertilizers instead of natural compost.

You can also reduce phytic acid by 50% or more by soaking and sprouting your beans before using them

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